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Intershim is the worlds new shim manufacturer, based in Holland. The Intershim is available in 5 measures and 12 thicknesses. Custom made cases are available for protection of your shims. Intershim is looking for distributors worldwide.



The Intershim is available in the measures:

A 50 x 50mm
B 75 x 75mm
C 100 x 100mm
D 125 x 125mm
F 200 x 200mm


The Intershim is available in the following twelve thicknesses:


0,05  0,075  0,10  0,125  0,20  0,25 0,40  0,50  0,70  1,00  2,00 3,00 millimeter

Special shims

Shims can be cut according to your drawing. Every thickness is in stock for a quick delivery.

Please contact us for the possibilities.


Intershim shim

The Intershim is made of high quality stainless steel. Every shim is free from burss and cleaned before it is packaged. 

The Intershim is packaged per 10 pieces.

Intershim offers you the possibility to private label your shims. Your logo will be shown on the shim, the package and the case. The Intershim logo and brand name will dissapear.


Two types of cases are available: ABC & D.
All cases contain a top plate with indication of measure and thickness, in millimeters as well as inches.

Modular cases with three flexible modules are available if a standard case do not fullfil your needs. Choose one of the four available modules (A, B, C, D) and create your own case. 


Intershim Distributors

The Intershim is currently distributed in:

The Netherlands

Interested in becoming a distributor? Contact us.

Contact us

For more information regarding distributor possibilities, please contact us.Intershim logo

Telephone: +31 180 42 61 48